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Engine Experts

Experiencing an issue with your vehicle’s engine? If so, you’re probably staring down an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard. But don’t let that send you into a panic! The automotive experts at Aspen Hill Shell in Silver Spring, Maryland can help! Our ASE Certified technicians have over 100 years of combined experience working on all makes and models. There’s never been a check engine light that they couldn’t fix! The key to our success is advanced diagnostic equipment. We use scan tools to read the trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer to find out exactly what triggered the warning light. From there, our technicians know exactly where to focus on repairs. This precise process saves time, money, and stress for our customers! For affordable, accurate, and efficient check engine light service, be sure to stop by our service station!

Towing & Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, and especially if it starts flashing, you’ll want to call our team for towing and roadside assistance. Driving with engine problems can cause further damage to your vehicle, which will inevitably need more involved repairs. To save yourself the time, money, and stress that comes with engine repairs, handle check engine lights as soon as you notice the warning light. If needed, contact us at (301) 358-6877 to get a tow safely to our shop. Once we have your vehicle in our care, our technicians can perform the necessary repairs to restore your vehicle’s optimal performance and reliability. Most check engine light repairs are simple when handled promptly, so don’t delay your service with us! As your local repair expert, we have your best interests in mind and want to keep you on the road in a healthy vehicle.

Convenient Care

As a family-owned and operated repair shop, we understand how important convenience is to our customers. You have a family and other responsibilities to take care of, so vehicle repairs can’t interrupt your day. That’s why Aspen Hill Shell employs the best in the business to deliver accurate, reliable repairs the first time. We guarantee them with a 2-Year/24,000-Mile Warranty! While we get to work, you can get back to your day with the help of our free shuttle service. For your convenience, we also offer 24/7 vehicle drop-off and pick-up and weekend availability . Use our online scheduling system to make your next appointment with us. You can also stop by 4001 Aspen Hill Road in Silver Spring, Maryland when you are in the area for walk-in service. We’ll get your car’s check engine light resolved quickly so you can get back to a stress-free drive!